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Return and Refund

1. Free return or replace new one if any quality problem within 1 month after receiving the item, shipping cost on our turn.

Quality problem include:

Color fading
Breakage comes from non-personal problem. Necklace and ear pins are very fine and small things that cannot take heavy human pull or breaking off, so those problems not including in quality problem.
Getting lost of stones

2. For new item discount up to more than 50% off, we supply free replace only when get quality problem within 1 month after receiving the item. Don't supply free return with any reason; no free changing other style item service.

3. All normal fashion jewelry (not fine jewelry) supply free changing new model after wearing more than 3 months and within 6 months. So if you want any of our other fashion jewelry you can just use your exist old one to make change, only need to pay shipping cost back to us. Every purchased item gets this free changing service for one time.

4. Free returning the purchased item and get 100% fund back if you don’t like the item you purchased within 7 days. No matter whether the item has quality problem or not, you can send back if you don’t like it, very simple.

5. Free repair service for live time for all jewelries. Suggest customer repair locally if any problem, like necklace getting broken or so; but if you want, you can send back to us for repair any time. Or if you don’t want to send back for repair, you can apply for special price to get a new one to replace the broken one.

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