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Why lqstock.com
We are specialized in many kinds fashion and fine jewelry; products include natural gems jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, high grade alloy jewelry and high grade zircon crystal jewelry.
Currently, there are too many different jewelries in the market filled our eyes, make most of us unable to make right selection. We hope to do enough work and collect as much information as we could and share them in our Knowledge Base with all our visitors, wish we can help you make right selection on the jewelry you want to buy.
Here in this article, we may brief introduce the difference between different jewelries.
Natural gemstones were output by the nature, mainly formed by the prehistoric magmatism, featured on beautiful, perdurability and rarity. Except those features, natural gemstones also have their unique power. As they were formed under different natural environment, they come to have different microelements, and so they have different powers to human body. For example natural amethyst can develop intelligence, help thinking, concentrated force, increase the memory, and increase the vigor of brain cells, so it is best gemstone for students and office worker. In Europe, amethyst is recognized as "love guardian stone", it gives lovers deeply love, honest and courage.
Ruby Ruby Sapphire

Sapphire Aquamarine Garnet

Amethyst Peridot Topaz

Natural gemstone jewelry's value differs a lot due to their colors, flawless, size and weight, and machinability. Exact details for each gemstone please check other knowledge information in our knowledge base.
Zircon diamonds were manmade gemstone, so although they look beautiful but have no energy power at all. Also, without the perdurability or rarity, their value is much lower than natural gemstones. The main factors that affect their prices are color and workmanship. High grade zircon crystal shines same beautiful fire and color looks very smart and charming, but low grade zircon crystal shows less or no fire and color looks very dull.
For metal jewelry, price mainly differs on material and workmanship; same metal jewelry price will be totally different due to different workmanship. Low grade metal jewelry looks rough, high grade metal jewelry end finishing high polish like silk.
So when purchasing jewelry, you should first make sure if you want powerful natural gemstone jewelry or just for beauty, and then select the right jewelry from the right supplier.
We focus on supplying high quality jewelry and aimed to be your long term honest jewelry supplier, we will comes to be more and more professional in this line, select us, you will select a right long term jewelry friend and grow with us together.
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